For those of you who’ve followed this blog from the beginning, you’ll remember that I wanted to address lifestyle as well as design and decor. I’ve been trying to come up with the appropriate tag line for the section of the blog that will address fitness and wellness issues.

Would you all consider what the name should be? To the person who gets the best name for the header tag, I will give a one-hour free consultation.

For those of you who know me well, I’ve lost in excess of 25pounds. This was an answer to the gong going off in my head after I turned 50 in February. I was ready to do the work. In the research process, I employed good common sense combined with great information and got great results. I am still in process of reaching my goal of 185 lbs before my 51st birthday. I will be successful!

This is the photo of me taken last winter in Hong Kong. It was my wake-up call. Since this photo was taken I’ve lost a significant amount of inches off my body. Nothing fits me anymore. I’ve got a closet full of wonderful labels that will never fit me again. Off to charity with them.

The way I’ve done this is by permanent modification to my diet and introducing an exercise regimen — all decisions that I can live with easily for the rest of my life.

Rule No. 1: Eating out is a rare luxury. For the most part, I don’t do it anymore. This is great for the wallet as well as the waistline. How do I live with this? I am a better-than-average cook, and I cook once a week only.Therefore there is only one mess to clean up; all goes into the refrigerator and will keep nicely for the week. As I impart information, I will give you some of the recipes that have worked well for me. In the meantime, if you change only one thing in your kitchen this week, only purchase organic eggs. The next posting will have a recent photo of me that shows my progress.

Best to all,

Bill Hulsman

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