Sorry for the delay in getting this photo on the blog. This is the “new, improved” me. The first photo was me at 219 pounds. This one is at 195 pounds. I’ve ramped up my exercise regimen to reach my goal of 185 before my 51st birthday.

What I did: Essentially I did it the old-fashioned way, diet modification being the only new concept, and “exercise” being the word no one wants to hear. I learned how to interval-train through an online source called The truth about They showed me that if you take the cardio that most of us do to start any exercise routine and break it up into several parts, you will get faster and more dramatic results.

I begin with 10 minutes on a treadmill at 3.8 miles per hour. Then I go to a series of six upper body lifts of 20 repetitions each. Between each lift is 1 minute on a StairMaster. Then I shift to ab crunches, three different types, 20 reps each, then 1 minute on a StairMaster. Repeat that, then body weight butt lifts, 20 reps, each side on your mat followed by 1 minute on StairMaster. Then go to ball squats, 20 reps, again 1 minute on a StairMaster, repeat, and finish with 8 minutes on a treadmill at 3.4 mph. Be sure that your breaks between lifts are short. This will take you 45 minutes to complete.

What the difference is from a normal approach to working out is that your heart rate is constant throughout the workout. Instead of your body continuing to burn calories up to two hours after your workout, it will burn calories for up to 24 hours. Brilliant!! This made so much sense to me. I believed in what was demonstrated on their video, and it clearly work for me, body and soul.

Diet modification: This is a significant term. Modify your diet permanently. Never again go on a diet. With that very notion, you are setting yourself up for failure. If you can’t live with a proposed change, then move on to one that you can.

Change your kitchen over to organic everything. This will remove the chemicals from  your food and give you back the nutrients that growers rob you of. In the words of my nutritionist guru, Isabel De Los Rios, yes it’s more expensive, so “Get over it.” Pay now or pay the doctor later.

Isabel’s web site is called the You have to rethink how you eat and purchase food. Her guidance was invaluable to me. With my own common sense, I was able to pick and choose the foods that are right for me. The same was true with choosing exercises that were better for me than others. A dear one in my life, Diane Kaufman, has noticed a dramatic change in my personality. That would be due in part to my elevated self-esteem and endorphins running amok in my body for the first time since my jogging days 25 years ago.

My next post will get into food and at least one recipe. Good luck if you should choose to try any of my suggestions. I would be there for you to answer any questions that come up.

All the best,

Bill Hulsman

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